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  • The value of that ALWR litte yellow card in my wallet was brought home to me and my husband when being admitted to St. Anthony's Emergency Room with a broken hip.
    There were so many questions to be answered and when asked to produce a copy of my living will it was a relief to hand over my card which had all the information required. 
    Please feel free to share this experience with anyone who is just thinking about the registry.          Claire F.


  •  I wish I had known about the America Living Will Registry when my wife was ill... it would have saved her from being put on life support and kept at the hospital the last two days before she died... she did not want that, but I could not find the papers when the 911 guys were there and you have to be able to get them immediately.  The following afternoon her doctor came by and agreed to honor her wishes, but it was really a shame that she had to suffer those last two days.                            John M.


  • I awoke at 1:30 a.m. to find my wife very ill.   I called 911 and an ambulance took her to the emergency room.  I went to admitting and when asked if she had a living will I presented her ALWR card to the admitting clerk.    She looked at it, made a copy of the front and back and said, "I wish everyone had one of these."    I was surprised at how quickly the process went and we didn't have someone coming to her room later on asking her to sign forms.                       Gary D., The Villages, FL


  • I enjoyed meeting you on the dive boat in Little Cayman.  Just wish we'd had more time to talk.  I used your site today to register my documents.  As I told you, I suffered the loss of the two people closest to me in 2005.  Their advance planning was a great relief to me when I had to make incredibly difficult decisions.  My dear brother died in February.  He was alert to the end,and I helped my sister-in-law stand firm on his decisions to die without prolonging his existence artificially.  His written living will and powers of attorney stored in your database were of great assistance to us.  Tragically, in October of that year my sister-in-law suffered a stroke that left her unable to communicate and unable to eat on her own.  I was the person designated to make decisions for her.  When the other relatives looked at me to keep her alive, I went back to her home to try to find her living will with her written wishes.  After several days, I was able to find it.  She expressed the fact that she did not want to be kept alive or tube fed if she could not "communicate meaningfully", for the last week she had been while I was searching for her documents.  I wish I would have had the yellow card with her information on it with me so her wishes could have been followed without delay.  After she passed away,  I knew I needed to register my documents that way this would not happen to me.                         Margaret S.



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